Our principal investigators

Prof. Marco van Vulpen

Towards a personalized approach

“We are facing a paradigm shift in radiotherapy, moving from ‘elective’ to an ‘ablative’, more surgical-like, approach, with fewer treatment fractions. This is enabled by on-board imaging with optimal contrast between tumor and normal tissues, on-line AI-based contouring, on-line treatment planning and decision loops to enable a daily new treatment plan. Several innovations which enable such a tailored and personalized approach are clinically introduced, like the MRI-linac and proton therapy with advanced on-board CT. Here, the patient especially benefits.”

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Prof. Mischa Hoogeman

Developing high-precision and adaptive radiation therapy technology

“With proton therapy you want to avoid as much dose as possible on healthy tissues. One way to achieve this is by continuously adapting the radiation plan to the changing anatomy and biology of the patient. In my role as a researcher and medical physicist I research and implement the methods and tools to do this in a clinically meaningful way.”

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Dr. Marta Rovituso

Imagination is what brings progress

“My main goal is to build a research beam line which can support different types of research from advanced technology to animal irradiation. Pre-clinical research is of key importance for the evolution of the technology and the proton treatment. The experiments can be tuned and selected in the R&D beam line and then brought into the patient gantries. My goal is to build a beam line that can mimic a therapeutic beam but can offer way more flexibility in terms of irradiation and setup. Equip the proton beam line of HollandPTC in order to become one of the main facilities around the world is my ultimate goal. Research always needs to be one step ahead from reality, imagination is what brings progress.”

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