Organisation and collaborations

How is research within HollandPTC organised, and how do we work together, with our partners and other institutions?

R&D organisation Programme board
HollandPTC is governed by a board of directors under supervision of a supervisory board in which all partner institutions are represented. The R&D programme is governed by the HollandPTC R&D programme board, presently consisting of 2 representatives of each of the current 4 partners. The programme board members are mandated to make decisions regarding the strategy of the research programme. The R&D programme board is chaired by the medical director of HollandPTC and assisted by the R&D coordinator acting as secretary. The current members of the programme board are:

  • Prof. dr. Mischa Hoogeman
  • Prof. dr. Roland Kanaar
  • Prof. dr. Remi Nout
  • Prof. dr. Coen Rasch
  • Dr. ir. Dennis Schaart
  • Dr. ir. Antonia Denkova

For questions regarding the Programme board, please contact the research office.

The research office
The research office is the contact point for all researchers associated with the HollandPTC R&D programme. Any question on doing research at HollandPTC, using the research facilities or the steps to take before you can start your research will be answered by the research office.

The HollandPTC R&D Programme has been set up with our consortium partners Erasmus MC, LUMC and TU Delft as well as other collaborators. Together our mission is to find the value of proton therapy and ways to improve its efficacy. In order to achieve this, HollandPTC is embedded in an international proton therapy network through strategic collaborations with industry, other proton therapy centres and research institutes worldwide. Our current collaborators:

  • Varian Medical Systems
  • Siemens Healthineers
  • Philips
  • RaySearch Laboratories
  • All prospective Dutch proton therapy centers, joined in the DUPROTON network
  • European Proton Therapy Network (EPTN)
  • Medical Delta, a network of life sciences, health and technology partners
  • Various international research groups